Setting Up SportsEngine for Team Communication

Waunakee Baseball uses a tool called SportsEngine (SE) to manage and coordinate team business. It also functions as the primary communication tool for coaches to get important information to players and parents through email, texts and the SE mobile app. For this to be effective, Parent/Guardian Membership Accounts and Athlete Profiles must be set up and linked correctly.

Using SportsEngine gives students and families control over the communication they receive from the team. The information can be updated as needed to fit each family's communication needs. Coach and team distribution lists will update automatically based on the preferences you choose and the email addresses and phone numbers you provide.

Most families with student athletes have used SportsEngine in the past, many families discover they have multiple Membership Accounts and Athlete profiles for their students which can get very confusing, especially for families with multiple households. Please see the notes at the end of this message if you need help with this.


If you are currently rostered to a team, and your player or family members are not receiving communications, please check the following. Note that these changes have to happen on your end; SE administrators are not able to add or change contact information to user profiles.


Please follow the instructions below to make sure you do not miss important team communication.

Once you have completed the form, your student can be rostered to the current teams. Once the Boosters do this, you will receive communications based on the settings you choose in the SportsEngine Communications Preferences.


If your household has used SportsEngine in the past, it is possible that multiple accounts and multiple athlete profiles already exist. Note that only one player profile from one Parent/Guardian’s Account can be used for the Waunakee Baseball site. Check out SportsEngine Help to learn how to merge profiles and accounts if desired.

 Guardians in SE

In the SE world, a Guardian uses their own personal SE account while sharing access to an Athlete Profile. Guardians share the same access to communication and information while maintaining their own individual login, contact information, and communication preferences. If it works better for your family, you can also share a single SE account and simply add additional email addresses if needed. (Note that while additional cell phone numbers can be provided, only one primary phone number per account can receive text messages. If more than one parent must receive text notifications, use a Guardian account). To add a Guardian, you will need to enter their email address. SE will send out an email detailing the steps to link to the Athlete Profile. 

If you need help navigating SE Accounts/Profiles, please contact the Boosters for help.